Senad Staff Awards 2022!

Ben’s Story

You never stop learning……..

Hello, my name is Ben*and I live at Winslow Court.

I have always loved looking after animals, and being and working outdoors and wanted to learn more about horticulture and looking after livestock.
I was given the chance of going to the Houghton Project each week, where I learn about animals, growing plants, making things from wood including helping to build the pens for the animals to live in.

Earlier this year I also started going to a Care Farm which opened near to where I live, this is where I can be responsible for an animal as well as helping to look after all the other animals on the farm. I particularly like the rabbits.  I helped deliver a lamb this spring which was a brilliant experience.  Ellie, who works at the farm, has helped me to complete my ‘ASDAN Small Animal Care Module’, and I will be starting my horticulture module shortly.

At Winslow Court we are going to have our own horticulture project, and I am looking forward to using all the things I have learnt so far to grow fresh vegetables for my bungalow. I am also looking forward to learning more and more useful things about how things grow.

*name has been changed.