Senad Staff Awards 2021!


Yoga benefits for people with autism

Yoga provides an effective therapeutic alternative for children with learning disabilities. Yogic breathing exercises (pranayama) stimulate the central nervous system and strengthen the immune system.

The aim is to develop the children’s skills in communication, social interaction and play using tried and tested methods. Yoga practice with Autistic children has demonstrated that through the use of movement and body awareness yoga has allowed people to develop and build friendships, interact and engage emotionally and help trust in others and confidence in self.

However, for our students it’s more of being in the moment, ‘right here right now’, to learn how to breath, relax, let go and to calm, to learn it’s ok to let go and to breath and to manage what you are feeling at that moment in time.  Yoga can help both with calming you down when you feel angry in the moment and with managing anger in the longterm.

Yoga reduces anxiety

Shallow breathing, poor posture and tense muscles are both results and causes of anxiety. If you’ve been stuck in an anxiety cycle for a long period of time, it’s likely that your body has almost learned to protect itself by remaining tense, physically closed off and with very short, sharp breaths. The mind and body are so closely interlinked, that physically deepening the breath, improving posture and relaxing the muscles in a safe space can all help reduce anxiety.

Basic Breath Awareness:

This gentle introduction to diaphragmatic breathing teaches you how to breathe more fully and consciously.


Quiets and calms the entire nervous system, reducing stress and anxiety and improving self-awareness.

Try It:

At least once a day, at any time.

How To:

Lie comfortably on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor about hip-distance apart. Place a palm on your abdomen and breathe comfortably for a few moments, noticing the quality of your breath. Does the breath feel tense? strained? uneven? shallow? Simply observe the breath without any judgment. Then gradually begin to make your breathing as relaxed and smooth as possible, introducing a slight pause after each inbreath and outbreath.

Take a moment from your day to relax & unwind.

SENAD Get Ramtastic with The Derby Ram Trail

We are proud sponsors of Derby Museums, Derby Ram Trail which is a spectacular free art sculpture trail coming to Derby in the summer of 2021. From 27 May to 22 August a flock of fabulously colourful and unique rams will take you on a trail around the beautiful city of Derby. The Derby Ram […]

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Training Team win National Award

Congratulations to our training team at Rowden House School who have been awarded SME Employer 2020 by our training partner Aspiration Training Ltd. Find out why its great to work for the SENAD Group and how our staff training programmes enable us to provide the very best specialist care and education.

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Our Schools Will Be Opening as Planned

Thursday 31st December 2020 Following the government announcement on Wednesday 30th December regarding the phased return of students, we can confirm that all our schools will open as planned. Any arrangements regarding the DfE testing plans will be communicated to parents and students next week when the schools reopen.

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Celebrating National Teaching Assistant Day

Our Teaching Assistants do a fabulous job of supporting young people and helping them to enjoy learning and promoting their self esteem. Working together with Teachers and Therapists they come up with brilliant new ideas, activities and bring their enthusiasm into the classroom. Here are the photos of our class TA’s at Bladon House School. […]

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Our School MasterChefs!

Laughter is brightest where the food is best – Irish proverb🥘🥗🥘🥗🥘🥗🥘🥗Our amazing catering teams are smashing it at the moment!The menus are bespoke to each school and the children are encouraged to contribute their ideas for new menu ideas.Food is produced using seasonal and fresh ingredients and as you can see from the photos the […]

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Sneak Preview of the SENAD Group Ram

The SENAD Group’s sponsored Ram was brought to life this weekend by our artists from Reilly Creative. We can’t show you him yet as we’ve been asked to keep him under wraps for now, but here’s a sneak preview. As part of the trail activities students and service users across the groups schools and services […]

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West Midlands Learning Campus do Xmas in Style

Staff, residents and parents/carers have enjoyed a November and December full of fabulous Christmas activities. At the end of November they were invited to support St Peter’s tree appeal at the local church by decorating their own tree as part of a display of over 60 trees. Our tree was named ‘Santa Clause’ the Festival […]

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