Welcome to Rowden House School

Severe learning difficulties and challenging behaviour.

Day and 38 to 52 week residential Age: Mixed 11-19

Rowden House School provides individualised care and education programmes for children and young people aged 11 to 19 years, with severe learning disabilities and challenging behaviour.

Our aim is to enable young people to:

Engage in learning

  • Across site there is a clear structure and rhythm to the day to provide ASD students with boundaries to engage in learning, develop self-care skills and reducing anxiety surrounding transition
  • The individual needs and preferences of young people are incorporated into their daily activity planners/timetables to promote a positive and adapted curriculum
  • Rowden House follows a waking hour curriculum programme which ensures a consistency of approach within both school and care settings to manage behaviours related to anxiety and transition difficulties.

Communication skills

  • Individualised communication protocols are developed following detailed SALT input to enable young people to express their views, needs and preferences
  • The curriculum enables students to be self-determining by promoting their ability to express preferences, communicate needs, make decisions and be either self-advocating and/or able to make use of an advocate.
  • A total communication system to enable learners to become effective communicators with activities and experiences to express sense of self, own needs and understanding of others

Self-manage behaviour

  • Rowden House has a strong behaviour management approach which underpins a student’s self-esteem and ability to engage in Society, work with peers and engage with their Community.
  • Students provided with boundaries which enables them to engage in learning and manage their own behaviours without becoming isolated from their peers.
  • Rowden House is skilled in dealing with young people with challenging behavioural needs who have similar needs/anxieties. The School is effective at managing these needs and allowing students to engage in learning and activities

Form positive relationships

  • Rowden House is experienced in developing behaviour strategies to promote positive interactions with both adults and peers
  • Detailed impact assessments take place to ensure the welfare needs  and best interests of  all young people are acknowledged
  • Young people are encouraged to be involved in the planning of day to day activities, improving choice making skills and opportunities to interact with peers in a safe environment
  • Life skills and transition planning is a key aspect of the School’s work and will be central to providing the student’s education pathway into adulthood
  • Providing experiences which help to develop a positive sense of self, forming relationships learning, living and working alongside others.
  • The curriculum aims to prepare students for an adult life in which they will have the greatest possible degree of autonomy and ability to form relationships with others

Be healthy

  • We plan the menus and dietary requirements using recipe management system, this is monitored through dietician. The dietary intake is recorded and the outcome closely monitored. We focus on a healthy balanced diet, portion control and positive control for the young person.
  • Themes and topics within the curriculum and programmes of study ensure each individual student has access to experiences which promotes their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.
  • The school is committed to e-safety and procedures are in place to ensure students have appropriately managed access to the internet as well as specific teaching to ensure the skills are taught to enable students to be aware of their own safety.

Access lifelong learning

  • The curriculum aims for all students to enjoy learning, make progress and achieve. To become confident individuals living safe, healthy and fulfilling lives who make a positive contribution to society.
  • The curriculum aims to prepare students for an adult life in which they will have the greatest possible degree of autonomy and ability to form relationships with others
  • Planned activities and class trips encourage students to be active members of their community; increasing their understanding and awareness of their community and the wider world.
  • The skills learnt are transferable, with appropriate planning and support, into the home, the local community and future placements

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