Referrals can be made by anyone associated with the student. Once we have received the student’s Statement of Needs or Education, Health and Care plan and recent multi disciplinary minutes we would advise parents or guardians to visit the school.

Please call Caroline Parker, Group Referrals Manager. Tel: 01332 378840

We will arrange for a member of our team to meet the student to confirm their suitability as quickly as possible. Once this has been established an offer will be made and notification of a final visit by the multi-disciplinary team.

This visit usually takes place on one day, after which a transition plan for admission is agreed. The Multi-disciplinary Team will report their findings to the Head Teacher and a report will be written reviewing their findings including current levels relating to Statemented Needs, general strategies, initial targets and any areas which the team feels needs further examination. There is no charge for this assessment.

A child doesn’t need specific qualifications to get a place with us. We simply need to feel confident that we have the resources and expertise to help them gain an education and reach their potential. We accept children and young people from all backgrounds, from across the UK and abroad.

International students

The SENAD Group holds a Tier 4 (child) Sponsor Licence which enables us to consider applications for students from overseas.

 For more information please contact:

Caroline Parker, Group Referrals Manager. Tel: 01332 378 840

Full up-to-date information for the UKVI (United Kingdom Visas and Immigration)/Home Office may be found at


Use our online enquiry form to request information on making a referral or assessment.