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At Pegasus School young people follow their own bespoke curriculum pathway informed by their EHCP outcomes, and to prepare them for adulthood. Our young person’s destinations are varied, and we aim to increase the opportunities available to them post-Pegasus by developing the skills needed to lead an enriched adult life, to be as independent as possible, to be an active citizen both in school and within their local community, and to be as healthy as possible in adult life.

Our curriculum facilitates our school aims, which are:

  • Communicate effectively and make choices about things that affect them.
  • Develop motivation, confidence and resilience to take on new challenges and develop their full potential.
  • Self-regulate their senses, emotions and behaviour in order to share activities and learning spaces and have opportunities to build social relationships.

Our curriculum is not subject specific for all young people, some are learning within the early stages of development. Each young person will have a different priority of needs and so some subjects will focus more predominantly than others, as planned by the school teaching and therapy teams.

We use the EQUALS schemes of work to inform our curriculum offer. This is designed for young people working below national age-related expectations, and is based on their developmental stage not necessarily their key stage. The curriculum develops the young person’s next steps in independence in preparation for their future.

Outdoor Education

Outdoor school is about giving it a go and having fun!

Our outdoor school programme is tailored for each young person’s individual needs to promote their social skills, teamwork, self-esteem, problem solving, motor skills, physical fitness, communication skills and caring for the natural environment.

This holistic approach is achieved through a wide variety of activities such as sensory walks, orienteering, den building, gardening, bush craft, outdoor cooking, woodwork and animal care.

Young people access a timetabled outdoor school session once a week with their class but can access outdoor school at any point in their day to interact with the school animals to help self-regulation.

Curriculum Map
Formal Curriculum (in addition to semi-formal curriculum)
English (including Phonics)MathsPSHEThe World Around Me – KS2/3ASDAN PP/PSD KS4/5
Semi-Formal Curriculum
CommunicationIndependencePSHEPhysical WellbeingPlay and Leisure
Informal Curriculum
CommunicationIndependencePSHEPhysical Wellbeing
Play and Leisure
Enrichment Areas – Instructor Led
ArtMusicOutdoor School

Parents and carers have positive views of the school. One parent said, ‘My child feels safe, comfortable, well cared for, trusted and valued. I am very pleased with the progress they are making.’

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