Seb’s Story

Sebastian, a resident of Pegasus School has Fragile X. When he arrived at the school in March 2000 he had very poor communication and social skills. He had no independent skills and was heavily reliant on staff support. He has progressed through school and is now in Post 16. Following major changes at home, last September he transferred from to a 52 week placement which was his greatest challenge to date.

Although Seb has found it hard to adjust to staying at school full time, through the support of his key workers and other staff members he has made significant progress. Seb uses symbols to aid planning and organisation and communication.  With input from outside agencies and the Inter Disciplinary team within Pegasus Seb now has his own management programme which has clear guidelines and boundaries to help him manage his behaviours.  Seb is able to talk to who he feels comfortable with to discuss any worries he has. He has found it “helps to talk to you guys.” Seb has regular phone contact with his family, but does get homesick at times.

Seb likes living at Pegasus, he thinks it’s “good.” He has many friends at Pegasus, his “best mate is Theo, he’s a wicked mate!, we have fun”.

Seb now enjoys a variety of activities including swimming, bowling and socialising. Following an advocacy meeting, where Seb expressed wishes to meet people of his own age group, he now attends a local Youth Club. This has given him opportunity to meet people with similar interests and has improved his self esteem and social skills. The thing he likes best about Youth club is meeting “girls!” and “playing pool- wicked!”  Seb has also had the opportunity to visit Butlins for a long weekend, where he enjoyed “clubbing and fireworks”, camping at Edale – “wicked, good fun and washing up!” and day trips to the seaside and safari parks, “yikes- tigers!”

Seb has just completed working towards gaining the ASDAN module-Using a Computer. He has had opportunity to access local colleges for activities such as cooking, computers, gym and a social group, which means he gets to go out for lunch with college friends. He has been on a construction course where he took part in plumbing, bricklaying and woodwork classes. He has taken part in a music project group making musical instruments, costumes and backing sets to become the band ‘Strider.’

Seb will be moving on from Pegasus School this year. The staff team at Pegasus and Social Services are working  and supporting Seb with his transition plan to enable a suitable placement be identified for him. Seb has said would like to live in a “big house, with girls and some lads to play football with.” Seb says he is “18 now and a man”. To finish in Seb’s words- “wicked!”