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Challenging behaviour, severe/complex communication and learning difficulties.

Day and 38 to 52 week residential Age: Mixed 8-19

Pegasus School in Derbyshire is an independent specialist day and residential school for young people aged 8 to 19 years with severe learning disabilities, autism and associated challenging behaviour. Many of our students also have mental health and therapy needs.

Students have personalised and individualized programmes, designed by a multi-disciplinary team of professionals to support the young person to make progress, develop skills and engage socially with others.

Our aim is to enable young people to:

Communicate effectively

Our aim is to enable students to have the communication skills to make choices and to interact successfully socially, enabling them to manage when out in the community and ensuring they know how to ask to help when they need it. We use signing, symbols and real objects alongside speech to support the development of student’s language skills.

Stay Safe

We provide a safe and nurturing environment. Students have high levels of support but are also encouraged to take risks and learn from their mistakes. Keeping students safe is central to all our work and all students develop a positive relationship with (at least) one trusted adult who advocates on their behalf.

Remain well and healthy

Staff support students with their health and medical needs. Our therapy team includes Speech and Language Therapists, an Occupational Therapist and Psychiatrist who ensure that student’s health and therapeutic needs are met. We work very closely with community healthcare providers such as the GP, Dentist and Optician to ensure a holistic approach to meeting the needs of students.

Enjoy learning

We believe that students should be happy, have fun and enjoy their learning. We improve the lives of students by supporting and encouraging them to choose activities and by introducing them to new experiences and opportunities. We recognise that when they are happy students are more likely to be engaged in their learning and make better progress.

Make choices

Being able to make a choice is essential to students to start having some control over their environment and the things that happen. With the support of highly skilled and experienced staff, students learn to communicate and to self manage their behaviour, both of which are needed to make the right choices. At times, students will make unsuitable choices. When this happens staff assist, manage and support students to achieve improved outcomes.

Behave appropriately

Due to the high levels of support that they receive students show a rapid improvement in their behaviour. Staff are highly skilled in working with students who exhibit difficult behaviours. We use nationally recognised accredited scheme that uses distraction and diffusion techniques with the aim of assisting young people to learn to manage their own behaviour.

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British Safety Council Makaton Friendly  CEOP


We are closely monitoring the situation and following guidance from Public Health England (PHE) and the National Health Service (NHS). If you have any conerns please call us.

Please help us to protect yourself and others by practising basic personal hygiene:

  • • Washing your hands with soap and water, or use a sanitiser gel, regularly throughout the day.
  • • Catch your cough or sneeze in a tissue, bin it, and wash your hands.
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