Parent Information

The Parent and Partnership Advice Line aims to support parents of children, young people and adults with additional needs to have access to good and useful information.

Most children and young people and adults will have their needs met within a mainstream school or additional resources setting, while others will attend a special schools or services. Those with particularly complex needs or multiple needs may benefit for a specialist services delivered by independent providers.

The basic principle around ensuring your loved one is receiving the most appropriate support involves identifying their specific need and agreeing a plan and resources to meet those needs.

Parent and carers views are important and it is always wise to ask for advice early and ensure you are involved in all the decision that affects your child.

Ways we can help include:

  • Advice on the SEN process, your current situation and the options that you can consider.
  • Assisting you to fill in form or write letters.
  • Signpost you to specialist statutory and voluntary support services that may be able to help.
  • Links to local parent support groups and forums.
  • Links to independent specialist professional support.
  • Providing Information and training workshops specifically designed for parents and carers,
  • Information on which of our services may best support the needs of your loved one
  • If you are considering a placement at one of our schools, we can arrange discussions with other parents of young people who experience of the process and an insight into all the school can offer.