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Referrals and Assessment

`Our staff will guide you in making a referral, but the following principles apply: 

Initially, all referrers should contact Rob Cook, Business Development Officer in order to discuss the prospective resident’s suitability.

Tel: 01332 378840

Confirmation of funding:


  1. Initial enquiry
  2. Receipt and Assessment of reports
  3. Visit by the Residential Manager to prospective resident for initial assessment in current placement.
  4. Psychological assessment in current placement.
  5. Introductory visit to Orchard End.
  6. Decision re: Offer of Placement.

All admissions are for a trial period of one month, at the end of which a Case Review is held for all professionals involved in the care of the resident, together with the family and/or person with parental responsibility, and staff from the home.  The suitability of the placement will be confirmed and therapeutic aims and objectives will be identified.

Within six months of admission all residents are provided with an assessment aimed at providing a base line of overall abilities and analysis of behavioural challenges.  This assessment information is then subject to formulation process in which the hypotheses about underlying motivations are agreed.  Interventions and strategies are then developed in joint planning by all support groups.

We are unable to accept referrals on behalf of individuals who are detained under the Mental Health Act, or those who suffer from addictive behaviour in respect of alcohol or drugs.