Young Adult Receives Self Medication Achievement.

Cedar Lodge specialises in the care of young adults aged 19 and 30 years and aims to help them develop the skills required to live with support in the community or to prepare them for life in a suitable residential home.

The focus at Cedar Lodge is to ensure each young adult gets to reach their full potential   regardless of the barriers in their way.

This focus has been highlighted by one of the young adults currently living at Cedar Lodge achieving the required level of competency to self-medicate.

It all started back in June when Julia Hawkes, Health and Well-Being Coordinator, discussed with E the possibility of becoming completely independent to administer her own medication. E had previously shown an amazing knowledge and understanding of how her medication worked and what it was used for.

Martin Bradder, SENAD Group Health, Safety and Well Being Manager was asked to support in the initial assessment and to help complete the risk assessments as this was a first for the SENAD Group.

E passed the first stages with flying colours, passing levels E and D to zoom straight in at level C, finally ending up in September with level A. Level A means that E is not only wholly responsible for all her medication, but she is also responsible for reordering, auditing, stock checking, keeping all areas clean, ensuring the safe management of medication and keys and all communications with her prescribers, so you can really start to see what an accomplishment this has been.

With the help and support of the medication officers, E showed enthusiasm, thoroughness in keeping straight and accurate records and the determination to succeed. Although not all plain sailing, the goal was set and E had her eyes set on completing this amazing achievement.

A presentation and celebration of E’s achievement was held on Thursday 22nd October where E was presented with a certificate of Achievement by Brian Jones, Chief Executive of the SENAD Group.