Winslow Court Residents Day Trip to the National Memorial Arboretum.

Winlsow Court National arboretum

We arrived in time for lunch. The view from the restaurant enabled us to see the main memorial, which was a circular monument situated on top of a small hill. From here we could plan our route around site.

The main monument housed incredible bronze sculptures that dominated the floor space. It was sobering to see that half of the memorial wall space was left blank, awaiting the arrival of future casualties in wars to come. This monument was dedicated to service men and woman who have died in conflicts since 1945.

We passed trees that had a disc on them dedicated to a fallen soldier. An entire avenue was dedicated to fallen Police men and women and another large memorial was focused on the great debt that we all owe to the Polish people during WW2.

CF mentioned that on a previous visit he saw a German army unit on full parade performing their own respect ceremony for the fallen and they visit the memorial once every 10 years.

After visiting many more of the memorials we decided to warm up with a drink before heading back home.