Sports Week, The Bladon Way.

This year, due to Covid-19, Sports Day was adapted to allow students the normality of sports day and a chance to take part in different sporting activities. As students couldn’t take part as a big group, or use the equipment at the same time, the single day event was spread out over the week, following their normal timetable and keeping students within their bubbles to ensure the safety of everyone. They competed for points during which were totalled up for a PowerPoint presentation which was sent out at the end of the week.

The week was a massive success, Students engaged with such a positive attitude and accepted the changes really well. They had a chance to complete all the usual sports day activities such as; egg and spoon, javelin, throwing events, long jump, relay race, sack race and football. The Aim classes, Hydra, Sirius and Scorpius also took part in a bubble group game of Rounder’s and competed for extra points towards sports day. This was a huge success as all 3 classes played the game fairly and followed the rules. The promotion of more team sports is going to become a key part of Physical Education in the future.