Sixth Form Student has Art work Commissioned by Local Business

Becky, a student at the Alderwasley Sixth Form Centre, visited the Deception Escape Rooms, located in Matlock, to see if she could beat the Doctor and escape with his secrets along with some of her peers and staff. The room was very challenging and after being locked in a secret lab Becky drew an ‘inspirational dragon’ on the chalkboard to try and help us find the clues to escape.
Unfortunately the dragon didn’t bring us any good luck as 16 minutes later the Doctor returned and we unfortunately became a name in his victims book.

Becky’s art work however impressed the owners and they asked her to return to show them some of her artwork stating they would be interested in her painting in one of their new rooms “scarytale.”
Becky worked hard on some example sketches and after a few visits back to the Deception Rooms the drawings that they were going to commission were decided. Little did Becky know though that she would actually have to draw and paint these upside down!
Becky worked hard over the coming days and weeks, and as the pictures show, did a fantastic job in bringing the ‘scary’ into the otherwise fairy-tale escape room. The pictures are only a small glimpse of the room that has been put together and it is definitely worth a visit to see if you  can escape!
Becky finished her placement at Alderwasley Hall Sixth Form Centre in July and is now enrolled at a mainstream college in a Level 3 Games Art course where she is pursuing the graphic design of videogames as a career.