Sensory Processing Awareness Day at Bladon House School.

The event was run the school Physiotherapist & Advanced Sensory Integration Practitioner, Michal Cwiekala. In the morning the EQUALS and AIM award classes watched a virtual assembly by which explored different sensory activities. These included exploring slap bracelets, exploring the sense of smell with essential oil on paper, listening to sounds from nature/daily life, exploring glow bracelets and the dark, which young people found exciting and finally completing exercises.

EQUALS classes then took part in a variety of sensory activities, including trying a variety of foods to explore taste (some of which were preferred to others, see photos!), finding objects hidden in pasta, cut and stick activities, finger painting on fun foam, printing with apples and a follow the rainbow activity. Some young people enjoyed chilling listening to music in the semi-dark in the Orion class therapy room.

The AIMS award classes also took part in a pumpkin hunt. They enjoyed hunting for their pumpkins up on the allotment then returned to class where they carved the pumpkins and played with the insides. The students had lots of fun using the insides for sensory play as well as getting into the holiday spirit listening to Halloween music.

All in all a fun day was had by both students and staff. Well done to everyone!