SENAD Help Learners in Tanzania

Children in Tanzania

Children in Tanzania are enjoying thier new desks, excercise books and stationery thanks to a donation made by the SENAD Group.

Martyn Rosser who worked in the Groups Central Office Finance Team, travelled out to the country at the beginning of the year to volunteer.

One of the projects that he is involved with is an orphanage school. The children learn academic subjects in the morning, including English and Maths which Martyn teaches. In the afternoon they have labour classes which includes woodwork, masonry and textiles.

The donation has enabled the children to buy materials to make their own desks for their academics studies as at the moment they have to squeeze round two tables or write on thier laps.

A smaller amount has been spent on buying excercise books and stationary for the afterschool class which is run and funded by volunteers.