SENAD Group Achieve NAPPI Centre of Excellence Status

The SENAD Team are celebrating being granted a NAPPI Centre of Excellence Award after demonstrating that their NAPPI training exceeds the rigorous requirements of the BILD Code.

The SENAD Group have been working with NAPPI for the past three years and now use NAPPI across four of the groups schools and all transition services, adult residential provision and community support services.

What is NAPPI and how does it work?

NAPPI stands for Non Abusive Psychological and Physical Intervention.

It gives us a pro-active approach to promoting positive behaviour. Our aim is to reduce and eliminate the need to use physical intervention wherever possible.

All staff are fully trained in NAPPI. Proactive and preventative approaches are always used in dealing with problematic behaviours, but at the same time we challenge the young people and adults to ensure they are fulfilling their potential. NAPPI helps us to develop approaches to manage challenging behaviour in a reactive way to keep the individual and others safe from immediate harm. It also helps us to manage the positive aspects of a person’s life and reduce challenging behaviours by providing enrichment across three main categories; Caring Community, Productivity and High Quality Relaxation.

Using NAPPI all students and residents has a Red, Amber and Green Lalemand scale, which is a holistic behaviour support plan.

The Red scale gives a consistent way of dealing with a resident’s behaviour and clear guidelines on what should and should not be done. We do use specific trained NAPPI physical interventions to ensure people are kept safe. However every intervention, and in fact every incident, is closely monitored by the Registered Manager, as well as the onsite NAPPI trainers. We believe in a transparent approach so all incident records are shared with parents/carers and any other significant person in the person’s life.

The Amber scale focuses on the person’s stress factors, those factors of an individual’s life that can cause them to move towards challenging behaviour. By recognising and understanding these, we are able to support the individual to manage stress in a more positive way.

Challenging behaviours have a function, to seek or avoid something either sensory, tangible activity or attention. By assessing the functions of behaviour our approaches and responses become more person specific and proactive.

The Green scale focuses on those areas that make a person’s life worth living. By providing meaningful activities, we can enrich a person’s life and build their self-esteem. The best way to stay safe is to build a strong relationship with those around us. The time to build relationships is when people are doing well; the best way to extend that time is to enrich their life.

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