Raising the Profile of Winslow Court in the Local Community

Winlsow Court

Members of the Winslow Court Staff Team visited Pencombe Women’s Institute to give a presentation about Winslow Court and how we fit into the local community.

The presentation included a brief history of Winslow Court and how it had developed over the years, information on our staffing, explaining that we are the local areas largest employer. It also included information about Autism and how this affects our residents.

They showed some wonderful slides of Art produced by residents with Dave Symons support (Artist) and also talked about our quality assurance and how we work with closely with our regulators, the Care Quality Commission.

The event was a great success, lots of questions asked and we were made to feel very welcome. A nice cup of coffee afterwards gave us more opportunity to chat and answer questions.

We were offered payment for our time but refused this. We did invite them to attend our summer fete and encourage other members of the local community to come too.