Park House Are Celebrating CQC Inspection Success

Park House in Bromyard has been praised by Care Quality Commission in their recent inspection. The home which is part of the community in Bromyard supports residents with learning difficulties, autistic spectrum disorders and other complex needs.

The Inspectors found that people in the home were receiving consistently good levels of care, good outcomes and a good quality of life. Strong links and consultation with people family’s and external health and social care professionals ensures that residents receive care that is timely, responsive, flexible and constantly assessed and improved. The home has specialist trained staff for people with autism and those with special diets.

The consultation of residents in the running of the home was also praised ‘People were encouraged to be involved in decisions about the home and how these could be best used to meet their needs. Staff had developed “consultation books” which summarised individual meetings between people and staff and set out people changing decisions about what care they would like, for example, what interesting things people would like to do, and their food preferences and times they preferred to eat their meals.

The ability of the home to respond to meeting people changing needs was also evident with thorough and up to date care plans which made clear people needs, preferences really clear, helping staff to make suggestions for developing peoples independence further. The home included choice, the promotion of independence and inclusion. The report states that ‘People living with learning disabilities at Park House were supported to live as ordinary a life as any citizen.’

Staff also confirmed how well led the service is by the Registered Manager, Isobel Walshe. One member of staff told inspectors; ‘Staff are happy because you can talk to Isobel. You can have a debate and decide together what’s best for people.’

Isobel said ‘We want people to be happy and safe, and know this is a real home. You watch the relationships with (people) and staff. You can see they will go to any staff member when they want help’.

Park House currently have two vacancies. If you are interested in a place please contact Caroline Parker, Group Referrals Manager Tel: 01332 378 840.

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