Learning Through Soft Play at Pegasus School

Pegasus School have had their soft play area replaced with new equipment and some great new additional functional features. The school onsite Occupational Therapist Wilbur Serra worked with the soft play supplier to enhance the experience for the young people by adding a hiding tunnel, higher elevation, an Alexa and sensory lights.

The soft play area offers huge functional benefits to the young people at the school:

  • It features a selection of high-quality soft blocks, landing mats, hiding tunnel, soft climbing steps, peanut ball and more. 
  • It provides various types of sensory input including tactile, visual, proprioceptive and vestibular which in turn helps students achieve a sense of calmness.
  • It helps students develop and improve their gross motor skills and muscle coordination, as well as increasing muscle tone and providing calming alert stimulation.
  • It helps young people to develop self-play, develops their problem-solving skills while navigating obstacles, increases self- confidence, generates positive interaction and the overall development of sensory self-regulation.
  • The added feature of higher platform elevation stimulates vestibular sense which help them understand their body movement and their position in space.