I Love Mondays and I’m looking forward to them getting back to normal.

April 2020

Many people don’t like Mondays, as it’s the day they return to work or school after the weekend. For me though, it is one of the best days of the week for activities and socialising. At the moment I can’t do this because we have to stay safe at home, but I’m so looking forward to getting my Mondays back just how I like them.
This is why I LOVE MONDAYS…
I often start the day with my favourite breakfast, scrambled eggs on toast. I help clear the table, then go grocery shopping at the supermarket. Monday is my ‘flower day’ and each week I choose a fresh bunch of flowers, red or yellow ones if possible.

After lunch I help to put my flowers in a vase in my bedroom. I may decide to look at a magazine, listen to music in my room or take a short nap if I’m tired. Later, after dinner, I visit a local social club where we play board games or complete jigsaw puzzles, while enjoying a cup of tea (not too hot!) or an apple juice. I sometimes have a bag of crisps if I’m feeling peckish.
All too soon it is time to go home and I get ready for bed having enjoyed another busy and rewarding day.
I Love Mondays!