Hydra’s Fun and Frolics in Blackpool!

Hydra’s girls have been lucky enough to travel all the way to Blackpool. Staying in our very own house, we have enjoyed fantastic rides on the Pleasure Beach, fish and chips and a show!
Arriving on a Tuesday afternoon it was straight to the beach to enjoy the sea. The sun, sea and sand were just what the girls needed, what a delight. Time was flying by. Soon it was time for a show, ‘Summer Holiday’ which kept everyone interested, each song was uplifting and really put the girls in the mood for the holidays. Before bed we had a quick drive around the beach to give everyone a chance to see the spectacular lights which Blackpool is known for, unforgettable.
The following day the girls had a chance to enjoy the Pleasure Beach rides, not for the faint hearted and they even went on one of the rides several times! This didn’t put them off their food however, with everyone enjoying some fabulous fish and chips before heading back to Bladon. What a fantastic night away!