How we assess, review and record children’s progress at Maple View School

Children follow individualised curriculum pathways, either semi-formal or                   subject-specific, according to ability, with EHCP Outcomes and preparation for life after Maple View at the core of their pathway.

The multi-disciplinary teams work together to support development and learning through the establishment and tracking of Learning Intentions.

Children engage in classroom-based learning, including daily literacy, numeracy and PSHE activities. In the afternoons they can access horticulture and small animal care, cooking, Forest School and community-based activities and have the opportunity to work with children from other classes. There is a strong focus on creativity and          well-being, with music at the start of the day and yoga to close. A half-termly book, accessible to all, is the focus of whole-school cross-curricular planning, encompassing the areas of music, art, literacy, science and the humanities.

Individual and group therapy sessions take place within the classroom, within therapy rooms, outdoors or in the community throughout the school day, with communication and sensory-regulation at the heart of the programmes.

Personal, social, health and economic education (PSHE) is at the heart of the              curriculum, and intertwined into daily activities, with a focus on social development and equipping children with the skills and resilience required to safely and effectively participate within a range of communities. We belong to the ‘Kindness School’          programme and daily acts of kindness are encouraged and celebrated.

Progress is measured, using MAPP (Mapping and Assessing Personal Progress) in four key areas:

¨ Independence: from dependent to independent

¨ Fluency: from approximate to accurate

¨ Maintenance: from inconsistent to consistent

¨ Generalisation: from single context to many contexts

At the end of spring half term we have been able to celebrate the success of our children’s progress during their Review of Assessment & Planning (RAP) Meeting.