Forest School at Bladon, Fire Safety and Baked Apples

In their Forest School sessions this term Vela class have been working towards fire safety by making sparks and splitting wood. They have made fantastic progress, and with Christmas around the corner all sessions have been planned with a treat to enjoy before we break up for festivities.

The students added fuel to the fire independently and used tools to core their own apples and stuff them with treats. They then placed the apples on the fire themselves using fire safe gloves. This task was planned with the intention to leave the students feeling proud of what they have accomplished because there is a clear goal and process to achieve it. Students were encouraged to smell and taste ingredients to stimulate senses and promote healthy relationship with food. Eating the food at the end of the session is a wonderful way to securely end the session emotionally and physically.

The idea of eating together around the fire circle is to strengthen emotional development and embed sense of belonging. This roots back to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs… The students felt safe, secure and were provided with food, warmth and a task that allowed them to reach their full potential. This session actually meets all five areas on the pyramid of Maslow’s needs: Self actualisation, love and belonging, safety and security, psychological needs, it’s also great fun.