Exam Success For Bladon and Pegasus Staff

Bladon House staff members, plus a colleague from Pegasus, have been studying towards a Masters in Education (SEND), through Derby University, since January. Two modules, Masterly Academic Practice and Specific Learning Disabilities, have been successfully completed and the group are now studying Foundations of Emotional Education.

At the end of the summer term members of the group were invited to attend the University of Derby MA Education Works! Conference where Ruby French, Kev Moore and Scott Rhodes had their Masterly Academic Practice Module academic posters displayed with Scott winning the prize for the best in the category. (Presumably because he managed to get a photograph of Professor Dumbledore into his work). The cohort have been asked to present a seminar session at next year’s conference, specifically around areas of special educational needs.

The lectures invariably led to heated and interesting debates and the group have learned a lot about each other and the different  challenges faced with each of our students. Whilst there are still four modules and an independent study to complete, the impact of this outstanding professional development opportunity is already evident