Enrichment Goes to Hollywood!

Students in the Enrichment Drama Group at Alderwasley Hall School have been working on a film project called ” Petty Politics”, written by the student themselves.

Students have worked hard on the project and have acted, directed, written and produced the film. The film is currently in the post production edit suite. The school has a green screen to help set the piece in London, enabling the students to have this great experience. Other scenes were filmed on location. We plan to show the premier of the film by the end of the academic year.

The story centres around an argument between a group of American tourists and locals while the Americans are sight seeing in London. The tension rises and tempers fray and in the middle of all the mayhem the police try to keep order. To make matters worse, into the situation come Teresa May and Donald Trump, who is on a secret visit to the UK. Instead of trying to calm the situation both May and Trump start to quarrel and sit back to watch what happens.