Enjoying Fitness at the Gym

Post 16 students at Pegasus School have a sports and recreation module incorporated in their programme of work, to ensure they develop their health and fitness.
We continually look for opportunities within the community that our student population can take part in, alongside other young people and members of the general public.

Two students have been attending The Greenbank Leisure Centre in Swadlincote weekly since the start of the Academic Year with their Support Staff.  at first they went the swimming at the Centre, but staff noticed that they appeared to be taking an interest in The Fitness Gym, which was visible through a glass screen in the Reception area of the Leisure Centre.

An induction session was booked for the students and a member of the Leisure Centre Fitness Gym Staff introduced them to the equipment in the gym which he thought would be of benefit to them in developing a level of fitness. Alongside our staff members they were shown safe usage of the equipment and a basic programme was put together for them to follow.
This opportunity has enabled us to link this experience to meet the objectives and outcomes from the ASDAN Personal Progress Unit accreditation scheme.