Alderwasley Hall School Challenge Partners Inspection 2018

From Wednesday 14th to Friday 16th March 2018 we had a review of our school-day provision from the Challenge Partners Team. Challenge Partners defines itself as a “practitioner-led Education charity”. We agree as a partner school, to go out and review at least two other schools across the country along with hosting our own school’s review each year. The review is similar to an inspection and the team from Challenge Partners scrutinise our practice in many areas of the school day and, just as we would need to do if it were an Ofsted inspection, we have to provide evidence to show our practice in each area.

The outcome of this year’s review is that we have been graded as outstanding in all areas assessed (Outcomes for pupils, School Improvement Strategies and Quality of Teaching and Learning). In addition, we have been awarded An Area of Excellence in “engaging pupils” (this is in relation to our work with anxious young people and those who find it challenging to get into classrooms). This is a real boost for us as we await our full Education-Day inspection from the team at Ofsted and the report is well-worth you spending a few minutes reading.