Bladon Student Reaches Amazing Milestone

Helping young people to find appropriate ways to communicate their needs, express their feelings and manage their anxieties is key to the work at Bladon House School.

This month a student has been awarded a certificate for being able to manage his behaviour and sensory difficulties for a whole year… an amazing achievement, and one that has taken lots of expertise, hard work and determination. The quote below from his mum sums up best about how significant this is for this young man and his family.

“It’s a great achievement not only for my son but for all the staff who have worked with him and have persevered with his behaviours and not given up on him. As his mum I have always believed he’s not an aggressive child but just couldn’t vocalise how he felt, so used his hands instead. 

It’s a credit to you and all your staff’s patience and hard work that he has learnt to overcome his behaviour difficulties and self-manage his sensory difficulties and I hope this will make it easier for him when he moves into supported living. “

To celebrate this wonderful achievement all the young people in the house had their favourite tea, Fish and Chips from the chippy!