Alderwasley Staff Teach Yoga to Residential Students.

Since the beginning of the Year, Jasmine Wardle–Peck, Residential Support Worker at Alderwasley Hall School has started a stretch class for the residential students. The yoga class take place on a Tuesday evening.

Jasmine has done a lot of yoga in her own personal time and felt it would help the young people relax during the evenings and help them get settled ready to sleep. A lot of the young people struggle to get to sleep due to their minds being so alert and awake. The yoga is also a good way for young people to develop their core stability and muscle tone.

Jasmine consults with the schools Occupational Therapy department to generate some exercises that suit young people with lower muscle tone. The Occupational Therapists also provided guided relaxation CDs which a couple of students now use to help them fall asleep. The sessions last between 30 and 45 minutes and involve stretching, strengthening, yoga poses, cool down and 10 minutes guided relaxation in a dark room.

This has also been beneficial for staff members. They join in with the young person they are supporting during the evening. It helps to release all the tension that has built up during the day, giving a sense of grounding. It also gives staff time to reflect on their day.