Wild Camping

In July 2018, a student from Bladon House School was treated to an evening of “Wild Camping” at Beehive Farm Woodland Lakes in order to practice the bush craft and survival skills he had learned throughout the year.

On arrival at the woods, we decided the first priority was to secure a source of water so we set about collecting, filtering and treating water from a nearby lake. A task made amusing as the Instructor managed to lose his footing and fall in the lake! Once water had been secured we set about building hammocks and shelters in the woods and hanging all our equipment in the trees before collecting a processing dead wood for the evenings fire.

With the fire set, a cooking tripod was crafted in order to suspend our cooking pot above the fire and prepare the evening meal. With hot drinks made with the aid of a Kelly kettle and hot food from the open fire, a relaxing and fun evening was had exploring the surrounding woodland and learning how to set traps. The night was rounded off by a scary “Ghost Walk” around the woods in the dark before settling down in the hammocks for a good night’s sleep.
We rose with the sun to prepare a delicious porridge breakfast before packing away all equipment and making sure that no trace of our night out in the woods was left behind.