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Alderwasley Students Behind the Scenes of War Horse

As part of Nottingham City’s 2018 Puppet Festival, 3ZH and 3PJ recently visited Nottingham’s Theatre Royal to participate in a personalised workshop; “War Horse Page to Stage”.
Students had the unique experience of interacting with cast members from West Ends War Horse Creative and Acting Company, as well as the National Theatre’s Learning Team. Whilst there students explored some of the background principles of puppetry and the rehearsal and technical processes that have brought this magical production to life. They also had a chance to ask questions of company members at the end.

Everyone had a fantastic morning and it was great to see different class groups working together to produce some marvellous creations. The theatre company were thrilled with the participation and could not complement our students enough!
Here is what our students had to say about the day:

“We were told how to walk a horse on stage by using the 1,2,3,4 method. I enjoyed the whole day and thought it was excellent “It was fun but Puppeting is hard!

“I think it was amazing because we learnt how they do it on stage”

Scandinavia Day at Alderwasley Hall School

On 21st March students explored Scandinavia through a variety of workshops as part of our second Global Day of the year. They were virtually transported to see the magnificent landscapes of Scandinavia for themselves through a virtual reality headset. They also had the opportunity to compete against each other in a virtual snow ball fight set in Lapland.
Students made a traditional Scandinavian buffet meal called a smorgasbord. They sampled some delicious foods such as cloudberry jam made from a fruit native to Scandinavia and some less delicious fish dumplings.

Other sessions held on the day saw students learn about the works of Hans Christian Anderson and create and share their own fairy tales while sipping alcohol-free Glogg. They designed, made and sailed a Viking raft and met a Viking who told stories about where they came from, the gods they believed in and showed them how Vikings prepared for battle. The kitchen supported the day by making a selection of Danish dishes for lunch and by decorating the canteen in the flag of Denmark.
The day was a huge success with the majority of students accessing all sessions. Students from KS1 to KS4 interacted with one another, competed against each other and shared in their learning of another culture. The feedback suggests they are very much looking forward to the next Global Day.

Alderwasley Hall School Challenge Partners Inspection 2018

From Wednesday 14th to Friday 16th March 2018 we had a review of our school-day provision from the Challenge Partners Team. Challenge Partners defines itself as a “practitioner-led Education charity”. We agree as a partner school, to go out and review at least two other schools across the country along with hosting our own school’s review each year. The review is similar to an inspection and the team from Challenge Partners scrutinise our practice in many areas of the school day and, just as we would need to do if it were an Ofsted inspection, we have to provide evidence to show our practice in each area.

The outcome of this year’s review is that we have been graded as outstanding in all areas assessed (Outcomes for pupils, School Improvement Strategies and Quality of Teaching and Learning). In addition, we have been awarded An Area of Excellence in “engaging pupils” (this is in relation to our work with anxious young people and those who find it challenging to get into classrooms). This is a real boost for us as we await our full Education-Day inspection from the team at Ofsted and the report is well-worth you spending a few minutes reading.



Increasing Work Opportunities for Students

This term we have been working on developing our Work Experience programme. Which is now being offered to all young people in Year 11 and above. We have some students working around site in the kitchen, on the farm, with the maintenance team and in the front office.

Our aim for next term for young people who are able, to head out into the local community and complete a work placement. We have already have some placements in place schools and hope this continues and we have as many young people as possible out gaining experience and life skills.

Here’s what students think:

“I’m glad I get to work with dogs as I can see the different jobs they have to do in kennels, it will give me the experience I need for when I leave school and get a job.”

“It’s good working with maintenance because I can use the tools and learn experience about working. I also get wages every week which is good. The maintenance team are friendly and help me to learn new skills. I really enjoy working with the maintenance team on site.”

Bladon Hoop for Hope

For this years Sport Relief, the PE department arranged for Burton Albion Football Club to attend our open day and Billy Brewer (the club’s mascot) made a surprise visit, much to the delight of the students and staff. The club very kindly donated a signed football shirt which was raffled off to raise money for Sport Relief. Hoop for Hope was also set up by the PE department, the aim was to raise money by offering everyone the chance to come and score basketball hoops. Every successful attempt was recorded and over 1000 hoops were scored.

Bladon Hold First Parent Forum at Easter Open Day

Bladon House School held their Easter open day in March. The day began with Bladon’s very first Parent Forum, where parents and carers were given the opportunity to meet to share their thoughts, ideas and experiences. Two of Bladon’s students had designed a logo for the Forum, one of which was chosen by the parents and carers on the day. Students had even made cakes to show off their culinary skills to the Forum!

Enriching Pupils Experiences at Bladon

Lego Building Enrichment Activity

At the beginning of this academic year, the School began its enrichment programme to broaden the experiences of the young people at Bladon. Initially these activities were only offered to our residential students, as the provision was in its infancy.
Since the start of the Spring Term our enrichment programme has expanded, with members of the staff team offering their vast skills and unique talents to allow young people explore, develop and nurture new and existing interests.
This term our diverse offer has included, African Drumming, Bangra Dancing, Circus Skills, Textiles, Skateboarding, Multimedia and many more… These new activities have run seamlessly alongside our already established activities that include Art, Cookery, Swimming, Trampolining, Computing and Sensory Play.

In addition to the increase of activities we have also extended the programme to some of our day pupils. The enrichment coordinators have worked closely with class teams to identify day pupils that would benefit from these additional learning experiences, ensuring that individual young people have a personalised enrichment timetable that supports their engagement in learning and their overall development.

Sixth Form Student Exhibits Art at Derbyshire Open Arts Festival

Alderwasley Hall Sixth Form Student, William is a very talented artist and is opening up his artwork to the public at this year’s Derbyshire Open Arts Festival, which takes place Sat 26th to Monday 28th of May.

Celebrating NAPPI Success

Isabel Campbell of SENAD Community was awarded a tankard by NAPPI UK at the NAPPI Training meeting earlier this month for being one of the two longest serving NAPPI Trainers. Isabel and Wayne Price at Park House were part of the first Group of SENAD trainers trained by NAPPI UK, five years ago. Wayne received his tankard a few months ago. Both trainers remain actively involved as NAPPI Trainers and continue to promote the Psychological approach of NAPPI. They have witnessed the excellent achievements of staff through the use of the NAPPI philosophy.

SENAD was awarded the Centre of Excellence a few years ago and will be re applying for this at each site during 2018. Over the five years there has been a significant reduction in injuries and physical interventions. With the introduction of NAPPI PBS (a cloud based incident recording system) we are able to spot and track trends to both individuals and total site interventions which helps us to work towards reducing physical interventions further, improving the health and well-being of service users and staff.

The Group Health and Safety Manager, Martin Bradder said “I often sit in NAPPI Trainer Training sessions for an hour or so. It is great to see how the Trainers develop over the years. We have examples of NAPPI Trainers going on to be Registered Managers and it is my firm belief that NAPPI Trainers develop confidence through the excellent training provided by the NAPPI UK Trainers. I am immensely proud of Wayne, Isabel and the other NAPPI Trainers and I look forward to seeing what these guys will achieve over the next five years.”

Alderwasley Sixth Form Centre Provide ‘Outstanding’ Care.

Alderwasley Hall Sixth Form Centre have achieved an overall ‘outstanding’ grade in their recent Ofsted Care inspection. The inspection, which took place in October evaluated the overall experiences and progress of children and young people, taking into account how well children and young people are helped and protected and the effectiveness of leaders and managers.

Some of the key findings of the report are:

  • Young people are empowered to make decisions and choices in all aspects of their lives
  • Young people make exceptional progress in their education, confidence, self confidence, self esteem, emotional health and independent living skills
  • Young people are prepared very well for independent living

View the full report