My Life at Winslow – A Residents Perspective

Winslow is a residential home when I came to live and have support. I was here in April 4th 2013. When I enjoyed having seeing other residents and also staff. When I first moved into my own place I got really happy to myself of when I felt of being independent of living on my own, also I enjoy helping staff and seeing Sheila and Lyn at the laundry.

I enjoy doing art and when it comes to show how I enjoy¬†art also doing sowing on the machine. This is why I enjoy Winslow of seeing the views of the countryside, and I’ve enjoyed myself with good friendship and support over the last coming years. It has been four years to myself and the more I being here, the more I’m happier to be living in my own place, because I enjoy shopping and paying my own rent. It shows to myself how independent I am but I still enjoy having company and support. Even though I enjoy walking but I also wear a high vis jacket to keep me safe.

As I came more helpful to myself to do jobs. I enjoyed the way that many staff who have worked here have many interests of being supported well by their shift leaders and even though I enjoy having see new staff, I’m always happy to them when it’s their first time here. I always say that they will get used to it and they need to settle in first. But it’s myself that I’ve settled in Winslow and even though when the weather is unsettled I stay in to enjoy television or playing music. I also watch DVD’s which are more funny to myself even though I enjoy having a foot bath which settles my feet from pain. Even though I can’t cook, but I’m independent of making my own drinks, also I enjoy making other people drinks who come to visit me. That is why I enjoy my life being here, and I describe Winslow is a safer place to be.