Staff Journey

We value our staff and strive to support them in achieving their professional goals by identifying their potential, offering progression opportunities and funding many of our employees to study recognised qualifications. Here are some of our Staff Stories below:


Support Worker for SENAD Community

I started my career with the SENAD Group in March 2019, as a Support Worker for the groups Community Support team, SENAD Community. SENAD Community support people in their own homes. Each person has their own specific support needs. Some people have a forensic background, some people we support have learning disabilities, autism, communication difficulties and acquired brain injury.

I support two people and have worked with them for a few years. I provide person centred care for each of the clients and have a great working relationship with them both. One of the people I support uses non- verbal communication which is challenging but it is extremely rewarding to use alternative communication methods.

I am naturally a patient person and my role has taught me to be even more appreciative, patient and understanding. To do the role well its essential to take the time to really get to know the person you are supporting, what they enjoy doing, what makes them happy, unhappy, anxious. What really matters to them and what things they need support with and the things they want to be left to do for themselves. Getting the right level of support is important… it’s their life… I’m just helping them. All this information is held in their care plan. It’s brilliant when the people you support develop skills and confidence to do things with less support, or sometimes no support, the sense of achievement you get as their support worker when this happens is amazing.

It’s also really important to be aware when things for the person you support aren’t right or what to do if you have any concerns. Working as part of a team with the other people that provide support is vital to understand what’s going on for the person and informing operations management if you still have concerns or need advice on how best to deal with the situation.

The team I work with have been so helpful in communicating the changing needs of the service user. We have a PBS and email system that SENAD provide to aid this communication. We also have a staff forum which is a brilliant way to understand what’s going on in the wider SENAD Group. There’s lots of support to help you and lots of training too.

Throughout my four years with SENAD Community I have had my rota tailored to suit my education (Master’s and PhD on a part time basis) and when I had a bereavement in the family my managers went above and beyond to support me. It has encouraged me to equally go above and beyond for the company and the people I support.

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Registered Manager at Ecclesbourne Lodge

I joined the SENAD Group in July 2014, as Residential Support Worker for OneNineFive, the groups Adult Transitional home. I became a Shift Leader in August 2014 and Senior Shift Leader in July 2016.

I also covered the role of Manager at Ecclesbourne Lodge for a 16 week period between September 2016 and January 2017. I was appointed Residential Manager at Pegasus School in January 2017 before securing the position of Registered Manager at Ecclesbourne Lodge (Transitional Adult home) at the end of 2017.

I have a passion for supporting young people to move forward in developing their essential life skills and I have implemented an Independent Life Skills Programme which gives scope for progression as young people learn through practical everyday tasks. I am also an Autism Awareness Trainer and Medication Awareness Trainer.

SENAD are a company that recognise the importance of personal career development for those staff that are aspire to work up to higher levels in their career, providing excellent training, support and career opportunities.

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Head of Care at Bladon House School

I joined Bladon House School as a Support Worker in 2002 and I have seen the service grow tremendously over this time. I was promoted to the role of Team Leader after 2 years in post. After a short spell elsewhere I returned to OneNineFive as a Team Leader as I missed the sense of community at SENAD. I was subsequently promoted to Deputy Head at OneNineFive before returning to Bladon House School as a House Manager. I have progressed from House Manager to my current role as Head of Care. I have undertaken many training courses during my time with SENAD, including NVQ Level 3 in Children and Young People, Level 4 in Health and Social Care and Level 5 in Leadership and Management.

For me, Bladon House School offers a unique opportunity to work with other disciplines so I can understand the whole picture of a young person, not just Care. Bladon House School has a Therapy and an Education team on site and work closely with Psychologists and other professionals to ensure the best interests of the young person are catered for. I am specifically passionate about the outcomes for our young people, seeing them grow and develop their skills and relationships with our team.

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House Manager at Rowden House School

After graduating in 2005 I worked as a Physiotherapist in a local hospital in my home town of Bytom, Poland. I joined Rowden House School as a Residential Support Worker in May 2007, the position was being advertised in one of my local newspapers. I saw it as an opportunity to explore other professional routes and I felt comfortable joining an English speaking country as I had lived in America for 2 years.

In the beginning it was a learning curve for me, I had to learn the role whilst also adjusting to English culture. At times the language barrier was difficult, but staff at Rowden House School were very welcoming and I now feel settled in Herefordshire.

I didn’t have any experience in a similar job role and I hadn’t dealt with challenging behaviour before but all the necessary training was provided by Rowden, which I really enjoyed and I also had a good support network within the home if it ever became difficult.

Based on the reputation and hard work I had put in at Rowden since joining, I was promoted to Shift Leader. I stayed in this role for 5 years and I enjoyed the challenge of the additional responsibility, whilst also working closely with the young people.

In 2012 the opportunity of Home Manager came up and I was successful in my application and I have now been in this position for 4 years. Rowden also funded my NVQ Level 5 in management which I completed last year.

I have learnt a lot during my journey at Rowden House School and would recommend SENAD to anyone who was looking to develop a career in social care.

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Physiotherapy Assistant at Bladon House School

I first started in 1991 as a Kitchen Assistant and transferred into the Care team as a Residential Support Worker for 10 years as I wanted to develop new skills in looking after our young people. After my maternity leave I returned to be a one to one support in Education for a few years until I applied and was successful in role of PE Assistant. This appealed to my sporty side as I am always very active! I developed my confidence in taking groups of our young people for lessons both on and off site, and this helped me eventually become successful in the role of Sports Leader. I enjoyed this role for a number of years. My current role is Physiotherapy Assistant where I am drawing on my previous sports experience and learning more about the human body and how it reacts in day to day life. I work closely with the schools Physiotherapist to deliver a range of programmes to our young people to develop their motor skills in line with their specific needs.

Training has always been part of my working life. I have undertaken a huge variety of mandatory training, such as First Aid, NAPPI, Safeguarding, and I have also undertaken NVQ Levels 1 and 2 in Care.

I get a great deal of satisfaction seeing the young people develop and learn new skills that they will take with them forever.

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