Simon’s Story

Simon has Prader Willi Syndrome. He came to Bladon House School as a residential student after he was hospitalized for morbid obesity. As well as the difficulties with his weight Simon was also diagnosed with a mood disorder which meant that he experienced euphoric moods where he lost his ability to self assess risk  and very low moods where he would become  exceptionally down at risk of self harming.

Whilst at the school Simon developed a better understanding around his disorder and strategies to help him to manage it. This involved Group and individual work around self control and behaviour management, keeping safe and self esteem.

He received regular appointments with the schools Psychiatrist and was prescribed mood stabilising medication which was successful in removing the peaks a troughs in moods. He also received specialist input from range of therapies including Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy and Physiotherapy. Different levels of risk assessments were put in place to keep Simon safe, whilst ensuring the continuation of the development of his independence skills.

He also benefited from the school environment in which he was supported to learn to alter his eating habits and engage in education, which not only covered the national curriculum, but also included the development of social skills and social relationships. Simon was also able to take part in a wide range of practical learning environments where he could apply his literacy and numeracy skills.

Over the five years that Simon was a student at the School he successfully lost over 8.5 stones in weight. This meant that when he left his weight was significantly more manageable. He was able to buy off the peg clothes, which enabled him to select his own fashion and develop a real sense of self identity.

With support he was able to access the local community and have a degree of control around eateries. Due to his increased physical fitness he was able to join the local football club and was able to walk for long periods, access facilities upstairs more easily and no longer needed help with his personal care.

All of these achievements significantly increased Simon’s self-confidence making him much more accepting of himself as a young adult.