Daniel’s Story

Daniel is 16 years old and a student at Bladon House School in Derbyshire. He has moderate learning difficulties and speech and language difficulties. Daniel also has confidence issues that make it difficult for him to access the wider community and meet new people.

Daniel is working towards accreditation for modules concerned with “Practical Work Skills”, and as part of this he has had the opportunity to gain some work experience. Daniel’s work placement involved working half a day a week, over an academic year, at the offices of a locally based Nursing Recruitment Consultancy.

To make sure Daniel was safe whilst on his work placement staff from the school carried out a risk assessment on the office and they also completed an individual risk assessment for Daniel. All the staff at the office were also introduced to Daniel.
Daniels job at the office was to prepare a range of morning tea break refreshments for staff members. He was required to dress smartly for the office environment and on the way into the office he had to buy biscuits and other snack items from the local supermarket. Once he arrived he collected the cups and completed a checklist of drinks requested by the staff. He then washed and prepared the crockery and tray, presenting biscuits and snack bars for each tray. Finally he made the drinks and took them to the staff. Twenty minutes after delivering the drinks he then had to collect the trays, wash the crockery and put away it away and clean the kitchen area. Daniel thoroughly enjoyed completing his work experience module.

With support from the Head of Post 16, he was able to overcome his lack of confidence and soon became settled and happy to access the office on a weekly basis. Daniel found the opportunity was great for developing his social communication and interaction skills and gained self esteem from the achievements he made during the year. The office staff really appreciated his service and at the end of the placement they presented him with gifts as a token of their gratitude.