Anne’s Story

Anne has Prader Willi Syndrome. Before coming to Bladon House School she had been placed in a mainstream secondary school but due to her learning difficulties she was unable to access the curriculum, so avoided lessons and used the opportunity to acquire food.

As a result Anne was morbidly obese and attempts to manage her weight had been unsuccessful.  She had extremely low self-esteem and self-confidence and could not make eye contact and was unable to talk within a group.

Anne has now been at Bladon House School for two years, during which time she has made significant progress. She has lost over 9.5 stones in weight and is much happier with her body image.

After intensive support to help her understand about healthy eating and balanced diets she is now able to plan and write her own menus, an achievement that she is rightly proud of.

She is also now in an educational environment where she can access learning and really enjoys it. Through intensive support her social skills and self-esteem in groups has markedly improved. She is now more able to express her thoughts in an appropriate manner and uses a thought diary. She has been elected onto the School Council and has the confidence to express her ideas to the rest of the council.

Due to her weight loss she now has an open choice about the activities and social opportunities she wants to take part in and this has really opened up her world. She is now able to travel in regular vehicles and enjoys visiting the theatre.