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Autism, communication difficulties and moderate to severe learning difficulties.

Day and 38 to 52 week residential Age: Mixed 5-19

Bladon House School specialises in autism, speech and language disorders, moderate to severe learning difficulties and associated behavioural difficulties. Through our work we also have also developed skills in achieving significant progress and successful outcomes for children and young people with Prader Willi Syndrome.

Our aim is to enable young people to:

Find a way of life that suits them

Through personalised learning we provide students with a range of real life experiences and opportunities to explore choice and preferences.  Staff work with students to establish their interests and motivators of each young person and then develops these. We offer a practical and functional curriculum with emphasis on skills for life, enterprise and work related learning.

Students are at the centre of all planning and, whenever possible, are involved in development and review of their programmes.

Achieve a sense of physical and emotional wellbeing

We have an onsite health team which includes full time Occupational and Speech and Language Therapists. Staff work closely with local healthcare providers including the GP, Dentist, Optician, Psychologist and Psychiatrist to ensure there is an integrated approach to meeting student’s medical and therapeutic needs.

Students a healthy and balanced diet and meet individual dietary requirements taking account of individual preferences, medical and cultural issues.

We have a culture in which pupils achieve and where achievements are celebrated.  We develop students’ self-esteem through consistently positive approaches and frequent opportunities to be successful.  To ensure this Students are given small step goals,

Residential students are cared for in nurturing family sized settings. Each student has a Key worker who advocates on their behalf.  Providing supported opportunities to develop friendships

Self-manage behaviour

Students placed with us show a rapid improvement in their behaviour due to the high levels of support available to holistically meet their needs.  The school provides a safe environment and Students are made to feel safe and are encouraged to take risks and learn from their mistakes.

Each student has an individual behaviour plan and experienced staff work with student to give them the skills and strategies to manage their own emotions and behaviour. This is put into practice both on the school site and whilst the young person is out in the community with specialist support.

We identify strategies of support with an emphasis on the development of new skills, specifically communication, social skills and the self-management of behaviour.

Have maximum opportunities for inclusion and independence

The development of communication skills is fundamental to enable students to make choices and develop appropriate social communication skills to allow them to manage when out in the local community.  They learn communication and behaviour strategies to make the right choices, with the support of staff.

We have developed strong community links and students have the opportunity to be included in community activities as part of education and leisure activities.

We run the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme and more recently students have become involved with the John Muir conservation Trust which gives them the opportunity to work and interact with other members of the public and fellow students.

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