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Young people are admitted in line with our Criteria for Admission.

Our children and young people have specific/ additional learning needs and a range of diagnoses, such as: ASD, ADHD, OCD and Tourette’s Syndrome, dyslexia, dyspraxia, speech and language and communication difficulties, intellectual and other developmental disorders and associated challenging behaviours (including SHB – sexually harmful behaviours) – as detailed in an IDP (Wales) or EHCP (England).

We provide our services for children and young people who can communicate in and understand English and/ or Welsh.

Formal referrals are usually made by a Local Authority and supported with referral documentation. We also welcome private referrals, although an assessment must take place before Aran Hall School can be named on a child’s plan. Once we review the documentation, we will arrange to visit the young person in their home, current placement or school to carry out an assessment, including an initial functional behavioural assessment. This assessment is free, carries no obligation and can be completed informally. It can usually be arranged at short notice. If we can meet the needs of the child or young person we will send a fully costed proposal.

The child, parents, carers and professionals will be invited to visit the school and meet our staff. All involved will be given a copy of our young person’s guide and other information such as our Achieve! behaviour reward program, so that we can all work together. The transition plan for the young person to join Aran Hall will be carefully planned to meet the needs of the individual.

A child doesn’t need specific qualifications to get a place with us. We simply need to feel confident that we have the resources and expertise to help them gain an education and reach their potential. We accept children and young people from all backgrounds, from across the UK and abroad.

If you are from a local authority and would like to make a formal consultation please email:

If you are a parent please email:

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