Jayne’s Story

Fourteen year old Jayne had been out of education for two years prior to coming to Alderwasley Hall School. She had received a late diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome with secondary anxiety, after a short stay at a Hospital School, as a result of periods of increasing social isolation and self-harm. Despite assessments showing that her intellectual skills fell within the average range, academic records showed that Jayne was performing well below the expected levels for her chronological age.

On joining Alderwasley Jayne benefited from having a consistent support assistant who worked with her on a staged transition into school. Jayne gradually increased her time within the school, from 2 half days a week, to a full time placement by the end of her first term. She was placed in a small pastoral group, with the initial focus being to build Jayne’s self-esteem and confidence within the education system. As part of her personalised educational programme, she received intensive Speech and Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy, with additional support from the school Mental Health Team.

Therapy interventions included both individual and group sessions, working on developing her social skills, language and thinking skills. Through individual therapy Jayne made significant progress in her self-awareness and emotional competence. Jayne attended weekly Life Skills sessions, aimed at improving her confidence and competence within a wide range of community settings.

At 16 years of age, she achieved three GCSEs at grade C and two at grade D. She had a realistic understanding of her specific strengths and needs, and had developed plans and aspirations for her future. She had a secure group of friends that she independently met up with in the local community during her weekends. She successfully entered the sixth form to complete a range of Level One courses, as well as re-taking English GCSE.

She began her Further Education inclusion programme in preparation for embarking onto Level Two courses the following year.