Harry’s Story Alderwasley Hall School

Harry came to Alderwasley at the age of twelve years. He had a diagnosis of
High-Functioning Autism, with sensory processing disorder. Harry had a reasonably successful Primary Education with an understanding teacher and group of peers. On starting secondary school, Harry began to show a reluctance to attend. School staff reported that they were struggling to cope with his increasing aggression towards his peers, and his inability to access the content and style of lessons. The school reluctantly excluded him during the Spring Term.

Harry joined a mixed Key Stage 3 group consisting of 7 students with similar academic potential. The group remained in the same classroom for most of their lessons, with consistent support from the class teacher, Speech and Language Therapist, Occupational Therapist and Teaching Assistant.

The Therapy team worked closely with the classroom and residential support staff to put in place strategies to support his learning and behaviour. He benefited from daily access to the Sensory Integration Room to explore new strategies to manage his emotions. Specific Sensory Integration sessions worked directly on improving Harry’s heightened responses to noise and touch, and poor attention levels.

He enjoyed working towards the class reward system and was developing some positive friendships. As a result of this intensive work, Harry’s physical aggression reduced significantly and he was able to enjoy and learn within the majority of his lessons.

Harry progressed well throughout Key Stage 3 and coped well with his Year 9 SATS. Harry is currently in Year 10, studying GSCE Maths, Science, Art and ICT, and Entry Level English. He has been able to develop his passion for history, and attends a History Group within the local community once a week. Harry has expressed a desire to work in a Museum after he finishes school, and plans are in place for his work experience placement next year.