Senad Staff Awards 2022!

Alderwasley Hall School and Sixth Form

The aim of all aspects of Alderwasley Hall Sixth Form curriculum is to prepare students for adult life, by developing the skills, knowledge and understanding which they need in order to choose set and achieve their personal goals and to live their lives to their full potential.

These goals may include academic aspirations, vocational or career plans, hopes for independent living, choices of rewarding leisure and recreational pursuits, all underpinned by the ability to form strong social and personal relationships.

To summarise the aim of the Sixth Form is to:

  • Meet a student’s Speech, Language and Communication Needs
  • Meet a student’s Special Educational Needs
  • Increase a student’s independence
  • Increase a student’s personal and social skills
  • Promote transition to local college or work based opportunities
  • Promote self empowerment so students learn to make reasoned, positive life choices

We strive to achieve these aims by addressing the individual needs of every student through the delivery of Speech and Language Therapy programmes, Occupational Therapy programmes and educational programmes, underpinned by high quality care provision and all driven by the students Statement of Special Educational Need.